Thursday, January 8, 2015

Repost: People Forget

Today has been one of those days. Those days when you're ready for it to be over and done but you know that it can't just yet because everything important in life is happening and you need to keep up - or else. I had to take a short break from everything to find something that would reset my brain and came looking for this piece. Right now, it's oddly comforting.

I hope it impacts you positively as well.

People Forget

You know, it’s funny how we forget.
How when the mind looks back, all it wants to see is what was good.
People always say remember the good old days
But in reality, there never were any good old days.
We just remember what was good.
We forget that the past had just as much poison as our present
And let our hearts be the filter as the mind sifts away all that was wrong,
Because history is all the proof that we need to see
There has never been such a thing as “the good old days”.
People fight and covet, steal and murder
They make big mistakes, and then they make even bigger mistakes
They enjoy times of good peace in the midst of such stress.
Is that really any different from our world of today?

It’s just unfathomable, yet completely comprehensible, how we forget.
We forget the worst of the past in the midst of the worst of the present
We forget that the past had horrible things too
Because all we see is the discontent we are in at the moment.
But sometimes in that moment we do remember the worst of the past
And all at once our worlds can come crashing down because suddenly we realize
We built fake worlds of Past and Present, and in one step we found the flaw
So now they come crashing down.
You know, the mind has this filter
People are obsessed with pleasure.
It wants to remember what was good
Because deep down
We all have wished that only the good was reality.
In the quicksand of time
The forward march of seconds,
Our memories wind down
Our heartbeats slow
The mind forgets
All but a few.
We remember the good days
Because they were good days.
But I think that’s just a little sad.
How could we even fully know what is good
If bad never existed to show us?

It’s strange how people forget.
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  1. I am so glad to see you posting... I have been thinking the same thing and this came to mind...

    One of my favorite movies is ‘The Way We Were’… Katie tells Hubble wouldn’t it be lovely if we were old and had survived all this and everything would be easy and uncomplicated… Hubble tells her it was never uncomplicated… He’s right, our memories make the past seem different than it was…

    Then here you write the same thing... it is the truth... there are good memories but there were never easy times... wow... very perceptive...

    I wanted to take this moment to wish you a really wonderful New Year with lots of happiness and love... with some good memories of it in the future xox

    1. Launna! So glad you stopped by. :) So true though, things never are uncomplicated.

      Hope this year is the best one yet for you!

  2. What a wonderful post! Its so true, we always remember the past as better days even though they may not have been. I've been trying harder this year and have seen that this is actually the year that I've been happiest with myself and my life so far ♥
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Amy xx

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