Monday, March 31, 2014

Humanity Fails of the Week

I found and rediscovered some epic humanity fails over the course of last week. I’ve saved them for today to (hopefully) cheer you people with the Monday Blues up.

Not sure if the person who came up with this was being sarcastic or just really, really stupid.

Let me give you a visual:

A friend: “Can you help me out here? I’m really depressed. My cat ran away, my better half is not being the better half and I literally just got laid off from work. ”

Your reply and reaction:


Don’t be that person.

A friend sent this to me. I laughed. If I were the sort I would’ve then cried and done a giant face-palm for these creatures that are apparently of my species.

P.S. Please go to creepy places like McDonalds and Taco Bell for artificial meat. Kthanksbye.

I see that bored scientists and the media still adore taking every excuse to launch “studies” on stuff that kids in the fourth grade already know and presenting Captain Obvious “findings” with a sprinkle of “Wait what?” “facts” (usually anecdotal evidence, or not even that) to the public. Sometimes I wonder if they just do this for laughs and behind the self-important seriousness they’re all just drinking tea and coffee together and laughing at the idiots on the Internet who are taking their non-serious seriousness seriously. 

No. Just no. I can't help myself. What's ironic is the fact that "irony" is being misused here to mean "funny coincidence" whereas in reality, irony means "contrary to what you might think". Learn correct word meanings and correct when you actually have a clue so you won’t look like an idiot too. Please. 

And finally, this is all I have to say: 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cryptic Wonders

I seem to think I had shared this before but apparently I hadn't. This is one of those slightly nonsensical pieces that will only make sense if you have found something to relate to it on some level. Poetry can be strange that way. Actually, art is just strange that way. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it's simply confusing. But as long as it contains something deeply essential from the one who created it, in my opinion, that is true art. Anything else is just empty. Empty words. Soulless art. The piece of work doesn't even have to be the most astoundingly complex, different, or cleverly composed work you've ever done or the most widely praised across the board in order to be appreciated. If I can see something of you, something that is truly you in that piece of work, that is what I find to be truly beautiful and inspiring. I'll find much more adoration in a seemingly pointless canvas of abstract art that has bits and pieces of the heart that made it to a cunningly clever story with no essence from the author.

What do you find in this piece (if anything), and what is art to you?