Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simply Scarce

From The Narrator

Let me tell you about this piece of writing. It's a hard one to explain. In six short lines I, the narrator will tell you an entire story, but it's a different one every time because I did not mean for this to only carry my own. However, that will not stop me from telling you my own.

This isn't just a free verse, non professional, bored-person-sitting-at-home-gets-a -sudden-strike-of-inspiration poem. Not that there isn't some of all that in it, but I wrote this with someone very particular in mind.

Take a deep breath, because I'm going to do my best to make this short and to the point.

I knew someone once, and I guess you could say that I still know that person today but our paths have not crossed in a long time now. This person has a heart of gold, nothing but good intentions and a mouthful of wishful promises that could never be held up. Maybe you know this person.

Don't make promises you can't keep.

I said that near the end of time together. We'd become great friends at that point, and that's what makes it sting the most when what was so real at one point fades away with the past. He promised not to make such promises, and I just shook my head and smiled at the irony. Then that was that. That short, twenty five second piece of history has been drilled into my memory in crystal clear format like it happened mere moments ago. Why? Because I wish I had said more. I wish I had not just said that one line of do not. I should've explained why not as well, but I didn't.

Fast forward awhile into the present. I have not seen that person in a very long time. Time has even softened the sharp, empty edge that not seeing him in a very long time has brought about. But then one of those nights came. You know the kind that starts out normal enough, and then suddenly you're swept off to a place where everything reminds you of someone, or something? But not just any someone or something, it's always that someone or something that has a brought about a touch of sad, bitter tragedy into your life story in one way or another.

It inevitably brought me back to a disappointed wishful state of mind. I wish I had sat him down and even for just five minutes explained why one should not make promises when one can simply state the fact that they mean without an impossible bond attached to it. Maybe common sense has already helped him figure things out, but I don't know. Common sense isn't common anymore, and though I can say so many good things about him, always having common sense is not one of them.

So there I was, wishing like that person always did. Wishes are empty, you might as well throw them to the wind. I could not go back in time to remedy the situation, but I did what was possible in the present: I picked up pen, opened a book, and wrote what I would tell that person now if I could. 

In six short lines I will tell you an entire story. What story is this to you?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Caring For Your Skin: Cleansing & Moisturizing

I'm going to be doing a series in skin care targeting the face, in this order:

Part 1: Cleansing & Moisturizing
Part 2: Toning
Part 3: Exfoliating & Masks

I'll be covering the how's and why's, as well as where to get certain products or how to make them yourself. This is part 1.

The Skin Types

There are 4 basic skin types:

Normal - neither overly oily nor dry
Dry - self explanatory
Oily - overactive sebaceous (oil) glands
Combination - a combo of dry and oily

Why Cleansing & Moisturizing is Important

Cleansing is important for all skin types as throughout the day dust, bacteria and other nasty things find their way onto your skin and settle into your pores, which will then often cause breakouts. Makeup is also a huge culprit in terms of skin breakouts, and must always be washed off. Even if it's the dead of night and you're dead tired and all you want to do is drop dead on your bed and pretend to be dead, wash your face off first. If you don't your makeup will smear all over your pillowcase, dig deeper into your skin and collect even more bacteria. No, it's not a pretty picture I paint.

Besides keeping your face clean, moisturizing,  I believe is the single most important thing to include in your skin care routine. When your skin is properly moisturized with a good moisturizer it will help keep it soft, supple, healthy and glowing.

But What Should One Use? 

I'm a huge fan of simple, easy, healthy facial products as most of the stuff you get in stores are laden with things that do more harm than good. Your skin will absorb whatever you put on it, so give it the good stuff. This is my favorite makeup remover and cleanser:

Coconut oil! I keep a bit in this tiny jam jar, isn't it cute? It's perfect for all skin types, even oily (which happens to be my type). Waterproof makeup? Please. She doesn't have a case against it. All you do is take a small pea-sized amount and rub it all over your face, being generous to places like your eyes to remove stubborn stuff like mascara. It'll all just melt right off. 

Now wash your face with warm water and pat dry. If the oil happens to be hibernating in a solid state, worry not. It will melt in your hands.

That's Fine, But I Like Extra Moisture

At this point, your face may either feel sufficiently moisturized or a little too oily. If it's the latter, then give it another rinse and dry. That's the key to oils and oily skin - give it just enough. If it feels perfect, then great! Coconut oil acts as a two in one: cleansing and moisturizing. But if you have dry skin or just want a little extra moisture on problem areas, pat on some extra moisturizer. 

My absolute favorites are by Tropical Traditions. They're completely natural, free of drying alcohols, artificial fragrances, parabens, and other things you don't want on your face. They'll also help heal breakouts and open sores!

For normal, dry and combination skin:

These creams are very rich, so you only need a little but it'll give you all the moisture you need.

For all skin types:

These lotions are much lighter than the creams, but still pack a huge punch of moisture. 

How to use them: take a little pea sized amount and rub or pat onto your skin gently while it's still damp from washing, and add a little more as you see fit.


Dirty skin = bad skin
Cleanse with coconut oil and wash with warm water
Pat dry
Moisturize with extra lotion or cream

Cleanse and moisturize daily, once or twice a day and you'll be waking up with healthy, glowing skin!

I'm not finished with you all yet. Check back next week for part 2!

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Common Tale of Woe

I wrote this late last year, late at night. Who else writes in the dead of night? 

But anyway, this is just a few thoughts summed up and written out in fiction form. Enjoy!

Aaaand She's Back!

That's right! I'm back!

I knew I should keep this place.

After being on Tumblr for awhile and getting more things organized I realized I really missed the tone and maturity level of this group of bloggers. So check back soon for upcoming posts! I've got something interesting to share with you all.