Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Key

She wrapped the silver chain around her hand, tangling it through her fingers as the sterling silver key dangled off her hand, making a sharp contrast against the brightly colored nails.
"Why that one?" The questioner looked at the inscribed key in puzzlement, frowning slightly.

She raised an eyebrow, closing her fingers around it as she replied, "Because it's the least corruptible. You can have a courageous fool, hope in a lost cause, misplaced trust, stingy charity, selective kindness and compassion…the list goes on. But wisdom will correct the fool, show you what to hope in, who to trust, how to give, to be kind. It’s not that wisdom can't be corrupted, but if you do so, foolish ignorance won't be the cause. I'd rather ask God for that than any of the others." She paused, shrugging slightly.
"Wisdom is key."


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