Saturday, November 16, 2013

Waking Up

If you've been following my Instagram and Tumblr you would've seen this photo with the November Thanks hashtag. I had stated, "While an entire country struggles to recover, we sleep on in peace. I'm thankful that I woke up with all that I had yesterday."

This devastation is sadly, very real. The above photo on my computer screen is from USA Today. To say that it's incredibly heartbreaking to see what has been left behind is a gross understatement. It is impossible to imagine what living through such a thing is like if you have spent your life away from such an environment, tucked away in a safe place always with a roof over your head, food in the pantry and only first world problems are your biggest daily annoyance. And yet, there is complaining. Now that's just sad.

However, everyone can be a part of the Philippines recovering. If you want to find out one way, please follow this hyperlink. 

Be thankful. Life is a gift, and life with more then the basic necessities for human survival is an even greater gift.


  1. I actually hadn't heard yet of the Philippines tragedy, but this message has been on my heart lately. Why do we complain about slow internet, "not enough" clothes, etc, when so many people would be glad of a meal a day? Thanks for posting this. :) <3

  2. Ugh, yes, I am such a ridiculous person. Like, I always want more, I always want it faster, want want want. What a selfish people we are.
    Wow, that has got to be terrifying. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I did see this on your Instagram. My heart has been breaking for the Philippines. Thank you for providing the link. I want to get involved.


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