Saturday, October 5, 2013

She Took a Walk in Autumn

I have nothing especially interesting or clever to tell you guys, so I'll just give you pretty pictures to look at in hopes that that will be satisfactory. I took these on a walk through a gorgeous piece of land tucked away in a place where the seasons all have their own personality and the leaves change colors and fall. To say that it is beautiful is an undeserving understatement, but in reality, nature, God's masterpiece, is truly beyond the comprehension of words. So with that I will simply say: I love nature.

If you've never had the pleasure of smelling freshly crushed evergreen trees, do it when you get the chance. I've actually tried to find a perfume that resembles it but none can compare to the real deal of fresh, sweet, green-spicy, minty cool aroma that floats out of the prickly green leaves when you stop to smell it.

These little summer flowers are some of the last to go. They simply refuse to acknowledge that summer is dying and in light of that reality, so must they.

Now put on your philosopher cap and take something deep out of that (if you can).


  1. Lovely photos. Autumn is my favorite.

  2. The dead and dying are just as essential as the "live" and living...


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