Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Meet The Dog

This is Johann. He's an 8 year old German Shepherd.

This is Johann humoring me during a break in a recent run/bike ride. I told him I wanted him to sit and stay by the bike. He sits and stays. I say turn around. He says, "What?"
"Turn around."
Johann moves closer to the bike but keeps eyes on me.
"No, face the other way." I physically pick his front end up and swivel him around.
"You're nuts strange human, but okay," he says, still keeping eyes on me. His head is starting to look as though it were put on the wrong way.
"Now look the other way."
"That's impossible." He won't do it. He plays dumb dog.
"Johann, away. Out," I say, waving my hand. He plays dumb dog very well. I wave my hand with more authority. He makes faces. I probably looked stupid.

He decides to comply when I push his face around. For about .2 seconds. As soon as I'm back to my starting position he's looking at me again. I rearrange his face again. This time he's gotten the idea (or just decided to stop playing dumb dog) and keeps it there just long enough for me to snap the above photo. Then he gets up and walks towards me innocently with tail wagging.

Typical dog.

That's the story behing his swept back ears.

Who has pets? Tell me a story about them. Or at least tell me their name and what species they are.


  1. Hiiii!! Thanks for your comment on my blog!!! Yes girl you should totes get a Pinterest!! Its soo addicting, and you can find great tutorials/recipes/other treasures on there!! :) If you make one, and post the link here on your blog, I'll follow you!!! ;)


  2. oh this was such a nice post, your dog seems adorable (and looks a bit like my kelpie-cross, actually). glad i stumbled upon your blog!
    lotus m. from 'my words and i'


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